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I am a married mom of one little son. I was a Nurse, but now a stay at home mom and a full time you tuber. Soon wanted to cherish my dreams and show other women, It is never late to get to your dreams.

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“Don’t be afraid; just believe.”

Mark 5:36 

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My Name is Linta, You can call me Lin. I am a born again believer and wife to my love and mother to my lovely son and I am a stay at home mum to such a small sweet home.

Professionally i was a Nurse, completed my PG on Obstetrics and Gynecology. After marriage i got migrated with a dream of helping the needy and my family.

But my Lord Jesus Christ Plan was something else. I tired to get my papers ready for a long two and half year. But it took me through all ups and downs, and i ended up having the depression. I thought “That’s it, my life is done, i cannot work anymore”. But through all this time i prayed to lord all the time. Lord Jesus Christ was my shelter through these time. One day my husband told me, “why don’t you start the You tube channel?”. There everything changed.

I learned i can help many others through YouTube. Before my world was limited, but now my world is World wide.

I wanted to encourage other Mothers, Women, Girls, Men through my life that; “Always there is opportunity, it always stays inside us”. May be things can go against our plan, that is because Lord Jesus Christ has some other better plans. You need to find it.

I wanted to built up The Shelter to help many others, which was my dream.

My life has always had many tough moments. So i understood that, i can motivate you all through my life, by the means of social media.


Here in this blog, i will share my vision about Bible,Christian Inspiration, all the thoughts about Bible Study, and many homemaking life style experiences and tips.

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